Displaying your brand’s products at the point of sale is no longer a guarantee of results.
The market is saturated and attracting the attention of the shopper is more difficult than ever.
To excel, brands should look for new ways to connect with the “shopper” at the point of sale.


We create innovative displays for the point of purchase, custom developed focusing in the personality of your brand.

  • Danone Coolio

    Danette cooler designed for presence outside of the traditional refrigerator area.

  • Naranja y Nada Floor Display

    Display designed for Jugos del Valle to announce their new brand.

  • Santa Clara Floor Display

    Design of a Christmas villa using Coolios to cool the products of the brand.

  • Coolio Christmas Island

    Design of a Christmas villa using Coolios to cool the products of the brand.

  • Floor display blends

    Creation of an exhibition for the launch of the brand Blends of Jugos del Valle.

  • Coolio Superbowl Island

    Island designed for the super bowl of the Oscar Mayer brand using coolios.

  • Gerber floor display

    Display design for the Gerber brand.

  • Akron Counter display

    Development of counter display for products of the Akron brand.

  • Coca Cola/tomateros Island

    Design of an island in a stadium form for Coca-Cola products.

  • Coca Cola seasonal floor display

    Eye-catching display for Coca-Cola products.

  • Ciel counter display

    Incredible product display for the ciel mineralized counter.

We generate an experience with the user, positively influencing the decision to buy and remember the brand.

  • Coca Cola virtual Futbol game

    That the shopper lives in a more personal way the World Cup at the hand of Coca-Cola with experiential activities that make him remember the brand.

    In this case, through your smartphone, interact with a screen in which the goal is to score the goalie and win prizes.

  • 7 Eleven Coca Cola Wispark

    With the help of Wispark Coca-Cola announces its promotions in stores 7-Eleven.

  • Farmacia Guadalajara Coca Cola Wispark

    With the help of Wispark Coca-Coca announces its promotions in stores Pharmacies Guadalajara.

  • Wonka Augmented Reality

    Connect shopper with the brand through applications that create augmented reality with the use of a smartphone.

We create customized promotional items for each brand, giving them identity and personality.

  • Coca Cola Christmas box

    We developed the first Coca-Cola Goodwill Box, which included a fun memory game, a thank you letter from Santa Claus, plus the box was an excellent gift for the holidays.

  • Powerade sports bag

    Sports bag design for 2016 Olympic promotion of the powerade brand.

  • Valle Reserva Bio shaker

    A shaker with natural fibers was manufactured as a promotional item for the Del Valle Reserva brand.

  • JDV Pencil bag

    A pencil bag was designed as a promotional item for the Jugos del Valle brand.

  • Coca Cola Christmas glass cups

    For Christmas promotion of the Coca-Cola brand, collectible glass cups with printed box were given as gifts.

  • Coca Cola bio snack bowl

    A snack bowl was designed and manufactured with bio material shaped like a soccer ball to promote Coca-Cola.

  • Hat shaped fresca bio snack bowl

    Snack bowl design with a hat shape in bio material for the Fresca brand.

  • Indio bio stackable glass

    Design of original stackable glass made with natural fibers.

  • Bio Box for wet towels

    Bio box proposal for wet towels, as a promotional item for the Kimberly-Clark brand.


Challenge and strategy

We meet with the client from the embryonic phases of their projects to know the challenges of the brand, the global strategy and the objectives. This allows us to design more strategic display and promotion solutions that can permeate the entire commercial structure of the brand.


Our team, composed of specialists in shopper marketing and industrial design make an extensive analysis of the consumer, the brand and the competition. The objective is to have a deep understanding of the problem and to detect the opportunities that will lead to the solution.


Once you have a clear and deep understanding of the challenge, our creative team is given the task of generating innovative ideas. Designs are created, prototypes are built and new ideas are incorporated from other latitudes.


AIM presents a comprehensive exhibition and promotion project. The project is discussed in detail with the client and the necessary adjustments are made.


Once the project is approved, production begins. Our team of account executives are responsible for managing the entire process and coordinating the business partners to ensure that everything is delivered in a timely manner.



Hugo Garza Cervantes

We’ve been very satisfied with the service that we received, the fact that we’ve being visited continuously and showing us avant-garde, creative and high functionality products, is being valued in a great way. Once we decided to bet on differentiated displays with AIM, we worked very well and at a very good pace, from design to manufacturing in a very short time. This has helped us to effectively execute the Marketing initiatives we have with our brand.

Hugo Garza CervantesBrand leader, Oscar Mayer
 Lic. Salvador Avila Villanueva

AM Worldwide is our supplier since 2010, with whom we have carried out numerous projects, among which we can highlight Displays, Promotional articles, Articles for campaigns, Furniture for the market, etc. During these years of commercial relationship we have always counted on the professionalism and seriousness of the members of this company and with whom we intend to continue working on our current and future projects, which is why we have no problem in recommending them widely.

Lic. Salvador Avila VillanuevaHead of Corporate Purchases, Bepensa Drinks
Patricia Gutierrez

AM Worldwide obtained a score of 100 points in terms of the attributes of Perfect Order for its performance as a supplier for “Compañía Embotelladora del Fuerte Tijuana Plant”, during the period January-June 2014. This means that 100% of the orders that we have placed have complied with the established requirements of Quality, time and price.

Patricia GutierrezPurchasing Manager, Company Embotelladora del Fuerte



AIM Worldwide was born 15 years ago with the aim of developing innovative promotion and display solutions at the point of sale. We believe that by innovating we can find new ways to connect your brand with the “shopper” at the point of sale, improving your shopping experience, and that your brand sells more.

AIM WORLDWIDE has an active and voluntary contribution to improve the environmental, social and economic environment of our planet. With the aim of strengthening our competitiveness and added value in the market, we continuously reinforce our plans, programs and projects in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, in order to achieve the sustainability of our company.


We offer innovative promotion and display solutions at the point of sale, improving the shopping experience of the shoppers, so that our customers sell more sustainably.


To be the leading company in Mexico and Latin America in innovation in point of sale in a sustainable manner with international presence.


Honesty and ethics are human qualities that consist in behaving and expressing oneself with coherence and sincerity, according to truth and justice. In AIM WORLDWIDE we behave with honesty in our relationship with all our stakeholders and we understand ethics based on what is stablished by this code. For this reason it is our duty to spread it to our collaborators, suppliers and customers. Actually, we want to share it with any organization or person that has a relationship with AIM WORLDWIDE.

Commitment, in AIM WORLDWIDE we understand it as the ability of each person to become aware of the importance of fulfilling the development of their work within the stipulated period. In AIM WORLDWIDE, work must be undertaken with professionalism, responsibility and loyalty, putting the greatest effort to achieve products and services with a high quality standard that meets and exceeds the expectations of customers.

Respect for people, we understand as the consideration and respect that must be had when treating a person. For AIM WORLDWIDE it is important to ask for things with cordiality and education, use an appropriate tone of voice, keep the forms, respect varied ways of thinking, respect the freedom of creed, sexual preference and fulfill human rights.



At AIM WORLDWIDE, It’s important to maintain a frank, open and respectful communication environment among collaborators, at all levels and between departments, practicing an open-door administration.

Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity

For AIM WORLDWIDE it’s important to respect, apply and observe all the established policies, procedures and business rules, we seek to build relationships on trust and respect.

Our contributors

In AIM WORLDWIDE we encourage teamwork and cooperation among collaborators. We seek that employees are trained, achieve learning in their work environment and tend to personal growth and promote internal promotion tailored to the abilities and skills of each person offering security and good working conditions.



Our relationship with employees are based on a permanent respect, attention for the person and mutual trust, fostering a clean, safe and healthy working environment; free of any discrimination or harassment, for any reason and that the work environment is stimulating to achieve effectiveness in the operations of the organization and employee satisfaction.


The organization exists and acts within a social environment, in which it has responsibilities whose fulfillment must be the object of permanent attention.

Social ethic

It is expected that the conduct of the AIM WORLDWIDE staff in your community reflects the values ​​that we promote as a company. It is important to maintain a respected and integral image of the company in society.


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