AIM Protect

“We strongly believe that by innovating we can find new ways to connect your brand with the shopper at the point of sale, improving his/her shopping experience and helping your brand to sell more.”


In order to develop a comprehensive shopper marketing strategy, we must understand the shopper, his path to purchase and define his/her main contact points.

Triple Impact Strategy

We can ensure the sales increase by “intervening” with the shopper in three different occasions.
This is effective in 80% of the cases.


Disruption of the path to purchase of the shopper. Get his attention in highly effective novel ways, standing out of the competition with all the elements of your brand.
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Attract the shopper. In order to do it, we must generate a direct interaction that connects him/her with your brand, through the use of technology.

We analyze shoppers´ purchasing habits in real time, increasing the effectiveness of the point of sale.

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Close the deal. Close the sale. You can achieve this by using custom-made promotional products that stimulate the shopper’s buying impulse.
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Our Creative Process

We use creativity to solve problems in novel ways


Where’s your Brand?

Shelves don’t guarantee positive results anymore. The point of sale is saturated, and it's getting more difficult to draw shoppers' attention.

In AIM, we believe that the best way to Connect with your shopper is by innovating, and our team has the expertise to help your Brand stand out at the point of sale.

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