February 19, 2021

Sustainable Promotions. Millennials and other Groups Value them more Every Day, Being Aware of Protecting our Planet

Hoy en día, el 83% de las personas que recibieron un artículo promocional tuvieron una mejor impresión de la marca. En un mercado en donde los Millenials empiezan a tener un gran impacto en las decisiones de compra, es necesario empezar a estudiar más a fondo a esta generación.
Nowadays, 83% of people who received a promotional item had a better impression of the brand. In a market where Millennials are starting to have a great impact on buying decisions, it is necessary to start studying this generation more thoroughly.

Gilberto Valdespino, in an interview entitled "The Promotional Industry Today", mentions that 83% of Millennials (generation born between 1984-2000) become loyal to a marca, thanks to a promotional item. For this reason, at the moment of designing a promotional article, you must take into account that it is not only directed to a specific target; en específico; lo ideal es que el producto les funcione a distintas generaciones y de esta manera tener más loyal consumers. 

New generations are presenting us with new trends; therefore, it is necessary for brands. to adapt to them, since in this way it is much easier for sales to increase.
One of the main trends Millennials bring is caring for the environment. 

In this article we will talk about the importance of sustainable promotional, and how today it can make a big difference for customers to choose your brand and not that of competitors.

According to a Morgan Stanley study, 86% of the millennial generation is interested in sustainable investments.”1

Nowadays, the world is going through major environmental issues, due to various hazards that occur in the environment, that negatively affect our planet.

A partir de esto, han ido surguiendo cambios en el comportamiento del consumidor, ya que comienzan a preferir todos aquellos productos que no dañen a la salud ni al environment. y, como consecuencia a esto, las marcas se han dado a la tarea de entender a fondo esta nueva tendencia, para que sus clientes se sientan más cómodos al consumir sus productos.

“According to the study Trends: Mexican Consumer, Shopper and Retail, prepared by Kantar, 71% of Mexicans look for brands having environmental policies”.2

Currently, ecological marketing has taken new directions that increasingly impact consumers when buying their products, considering their culture of caring for natural resources.

Different companies worldwide have created ecological marketing, campaigns, in order to help reduce the impact on the environment, as well as to generate value added in their products which helps them create awareness in consumers.  

Studies reveal that: "The green consumer is willing to pay between 15 and 20% more for ecological products"Además, prefiere los fabricados con materias primas biodegradables y los embalados en envases fácilmente reciclables.

What benefits do I gain as a company by giving sustainable promotional gifts?

1. Contributes to reducing the environmental impact:

Al utilizar promocionales sustentables como medio de promoción, generas un menor impacto medio ambiental. Este impacto se puede notar facilmente tanto en el uso  de materias primas, como en el proceso de fabricación.

2. A quality alternative at a lower price:

Today, manufacturers of sustainable promotional products have managed to manufacture products at a lower cost, thanks to the increasing demand for products.

3. Improves the image and worth of your company:

Sustainable promotional items are a great tool to show your customers and associates your commitment to the environment. This will also help you obtain acknowledgements and /or certifications that identify you as a Socially Responsible Company (ESR).

As a Socially Responsible Company puedes aspirar a tener diversos reconocimientos  y certificaciones para la empresa los cuales harán que el prestigio de tu empresa crezca de una manera muy significativa. 

Según una investigación del Instituto de Tecnología de Massachusetts (MIT), “37% of companies report sustainability benefits and up to one in two companies has adapted their business model to take advantage of sustainability opportunities.”4


More and more consumers are paying attention to your brand leaving a positive footprint on the planet and, in most cases, they are willing to pay more. 

We invite you to study this trend more in depth and that way, you will have more loyal consumers.


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Article by Paola Arrezola

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