Coca-Cola Femsa + Tupperware®: A great promotion at your home

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To help Mexican families and encourage purchases in the Home Delivery mode by offering a promotional item with a high value added together with Coca-Cola products, at a symbolic price, in order to reactivate the economy in this channel.


We developed, together with the leading brand Tupperware®, a B2B promotion that consists of offering a black and red Fridgesmart container with the purchase of any Coca-Cola Sugar Free pack + mxn $50 cash. The exchange is made directly with the distributors driving the Coca-Cola trucks right at your home.

Through different communication media, the promotion was publicized, which had a scope of the entire KOF territory with a validity from May 24 to July 31, 2021.


Coca Cola, as a Socially Responsible Company, helped the Mexican families by offering the Fridgesmart Tupperware® container thus obtaining a high value added item, increasing sales of sugar free Coca-Cola packs, as well as brand loyalty . On the other hand, the consumers obtained a lasting high-quality product having the privilege of making use of it at home.

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