Protective Screens for KIOSKO Counter

Cadena de tiendas de conveniencia con mas de 15 años de experiencia ubicadas en Jalisco, Colima, Sinaloa y Nayarit.
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To continue providing services to customers but now in a way that both customer and cashier feel safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Working together with KIOSKO, we managed to land a hanging screen to protect both retailers and their customers so that they continue to operate but feeling protected from COVID-19.

The Protective Screens for counters were designed and produced by AIM, in order to facilitate the interaction between retailers and their customers in a safe way, giving a feeling of confidence and protection.


Kiosko continues to offer its products and services standing out from others, making its customers feel safe upon entering the stores and interacting with the staff. The screens look very nice and do the job of protecting customers and staff.

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