Lysol & Vanish Smart Shelf tops: a good example on how to stand out on the shelf

Reckitt Benckiser
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Experiential Marketing


To find a new way in which our client's brand can stand out over competitors.


We designed innovative smart shelf tops, in order to attract attention, stick out and create brand awareness, standing out over other products placed on the shelf. But above all, the aim was to collect analytical data since, thanks to its proximity and facial recognition cameras we can classify the shopper according to demographics, ethnicity, shopping habits, time spent in front of the shelf, proximity, etc.


We observed that for the shopper, it was impossible not to turn to see an eye-catching advertisement like the one created by the smart shelf top, which boosted sales and established its place on the shelf. In addition, thanks to the monthly analytical reports provided by the shelf top technology, we could learn more about the shoppers’ shopping habits as well as improve their shopping experience.

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