The Jose Cuervo agave Bar: ecoware® made of bioplastic agave products

José Cuervo
Con una tradición familiar de 11 generaciones, Jose Cuervo produce, comercializa y distribuye en más de 85 países, un portafolio de más de 30 marcas de bebidas alcohólicas, cocteles listos para servir, así como bebidas no alcohólicas.
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The Jose Cuervo Agave Bar is an important brand event that takes place in Los Angeles, where several initiatives of sustainability projects are presented, and we were honored to be present showing some developments of the ecoware® brand.


We designed and produced 8 and 12 oz cups and a shaker made with our bioplastic of agave fiber composite, which were used to savor the cocktails that were being prepared at the event, so the guests could see and use the products first hand and so Jose Cuervo contributed to help the world be more sustainable.


Working hand in hand with Jose Cuervo + ecoware® we are going for a more sustainable world, reducing the use of petroleum polymers used in day-to-day products, resulting in: reducing the planet's carbon footprint and CO2 emissions of the company, reusing agave biomass and other agro-industrial by-products instead of just being fuel for biomaterials, 100% creating recyclable and reusable materials (0 scrap), etc.2 de la empresa, se rehúsa biomasa de agave y otros subproductos agroindustriales en lugar de alimentos para biomateriales, se crean materiales 100% reciclables y reusables (0 scrap), etc.

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