Fresca Glasses and Tequila Shots: the promotionals that are the soul of the party.

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To have useful promotional items at party time with both friends and family, ideal for consuming your favorite drinks, especially in moments of celebration and joy. Allusive to the main holidays celebrated in Mexico: National Holidays and December Holidays.


We manufacture and print a collection of FRESCA glasses in individual boxes + a set of tequila glass shots. Both the Fresca glass and its individual box have a 100% party design and printing, where they are useful when enjoying the party with friends and family. While the tequila shots collection includes two different models: high and low, both with Fresca logo printing and brand icons which make them collectibles.


Each consumer who purchased their pack of sodas in the modern channel, took the glasses or the tequila shots through exclusive dynamics in each of the supermarkets where the promotional items were found. Thus, showing a more attractive packaging for buyers who, in addition to their favorite drinks, took a useful collectible glass cup to their home.

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