WiSpark Coca-Cola at 7eleven: a very successful activation

Producer and distributor of soft drinks with a presence in 180 countries around the world.
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To design, create and develop interaction between the user and the brand in a unique and innovative way, making the main features of the brand known, as well as the different promotions it offers, with the purpose of encouraging the buy.


An interaction was created by using WiSpark (content relaying device for mobile devices via wi-fi), by which the user participates using his mobile device in a game called "Scratch and Win" where after finding out the promotions that are offered, the winner can win different items of the brand.

The dynamics was:


The shoppers got to know the promotions in depth that 7eleven offers in partnership with the Coca-Cola brand. Their loyalty to the brand grew as we held an interactive “Rip and Win” event, where they could get discounts and gifts in exchange.

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