2022 Akamba festival bio cups.

Festival of music, art and gastronomy that takes place in the agave fields of José Cuervo.
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"Akamba" is a festival conceived and designed to connect us with our environment and our culture through positive coexistence. That’s why it was neccesary to offer a promotional product that respect the essence of the festival. It is important to note that this festival is sponsored by José Cuervo and takes place in the agave fields of Tequila Jalisco "The Land of Tequila".


We designed and produced 16 & 32 oz cups made with agave fibers. This fiber comes from the industrial waste of José Cuervo and helps reduce the percentage of plastic that is normally used in this type of event and in this way both the event and the product contribute to caring for the environment.


Being a collectable biodegradable item, it caught the attention of the attendees of the event since, being interested in caring for our planet, it turned out to be an attractive product. On the other hand, José Cuervo, and the festival itself, was left as a Socially Responsible brand since it was concerned about caring for the environment, avoiding waste and excessive consumption of plastic.

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