Powerade Bags: a promotional product for the athletes.

Line of isotonic drinks of the Coca-Cola brand
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Promotional items


Create a premium promotional product for the sports hydration brand in Mexico, differentiated, useful and functional that allows them to take Powerade everywhere. Created with the personality of the brand and that denotes the quality that its consumers need and deserve.


We design and manufacture a sports bag with an exclusive design and touches that enhance not only the brand, but also every detail with quality materials in combination with the institutional colors of Powerade, excellence in every detail, in every material, in every handle and in every logo printed on this sports bag that will make the most unique loads in the gym, on the court, in the garden or wherever consumers and athletes who take Powerade to hydrate are ready to exercise.


We exceed the expectations of Powerade consumers by giving away a sports bag made with high quality standards, a useful promotional item, with high perceived value and, above all, functional for playing their favorite sport. Making Powerade a brand that offers its consumers promotional items of high perceived value and manufactured with the best quality and innovative designs.

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