TASU Chips Detachable Display: the ideal display for a launch.

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Find an easy, eye-catching and effective way to showcase the products of the new brand of 100% natural chips that will be launched by Sigma Alimentos: TASU Chips.


We designed, developed and produced a fully collapsible merchandiser ideal for the launch of TASU chips. The merchandiser has 4 trays to place the 4 different flavors of chips, the base with interchangeable graphics and the rear structure with a removable top. The merchandiser is light, easy to assemble and with slim dimensions to be able to be placed in any area of the supermarket.


The displays were placed in strategic locations within the supermarket to attract the attention of shoppers, offer the variety of products and increase impulse sales. Activation was quick, simple and inexpensive since the promoters themselves managers of assembling the displays thanks to their lightweight and easy-to-assemble design.

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