Advertising Displays: POP material to boost promotion at the point of sale.

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Innovative Displays


Impulse the promotions that normally exist at the Traditional Channel point of sale with an element that breaks traffic, that goes beyond the walls and helps to communicate graphically.


We design and manufacture a very versatile advertising display, with a sufficiently striking size and resistant materials for the place where it is normally placed: outside grocery stores. Manufactured with 3/4" square tube and metal sheet, they make it resistant but at the same time light to be constantly moving, with full color printed coroplast graphics, easy to remove and put on to update the promotions at the point of sale.


Being a traffic-breaking advertising element, it helps to be noticed at the point of sale. Its dimensions and ease of transport make it ideal for taking it in and out of the store, always having the "Coca-Cola" brand in the minds of customers. shoppers, in addition to keeping them informed of the different promotions offered in the store.

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