Floor Displays with large capacity for Electrolit

Sterile oral electrolyte solution indicated to prevent or treat dehydration.
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Innovative Displays


Design an attractive display that has a large product capacity and is easy to place in strategic areas within the Canal Moderno point of sale.


We design and manufacture metal floor displays with wheels that support the large capacity of the display and allow them to be moved from place to place within the supermarket. Made with square tubular for the structure, metal sheet for the shelves and eye-catching & resistant graphics on borders, bottoms, tops and sides. These specifications make the display a functional tool for impulse sales, with an ideal lifespan at the point of sale for the Modern Channel.


With a capacity of up to 120 bottles of Electrolit 625ml, it makes this display a great ally at the point of sale as it helps increase impulse sales by placing it at strategic points within the supermarket. Electrolit promoters use it for activations since it is easy to transport.

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