Coca-Cola Frying Pans Promotion: Creating a strategy to help Mexican families

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To get the Home Channel to have more sales by activating a promotion with practical items for the home of a high perceived value.


We designed and launched a promotion hand in hand with the CINSA brand that consists of a set of Pans in different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. High quality products at a very accessible exchange price, it is an eye-catching product with a high perceived value that is used most of the time in the kitchen. Easily accessible, since the Coca-Cola truck brings it right to the door of your home.

We would be able to help families in their economy by providing them with high-quality kitchen utensils and this way, Mexican families would be driven to cook from home, and therefore have better nutrition.

The mechanics implemented consisted of exchanging: 3 CIEL water bottle tops or buying three family size soft drinks + $125 mxn pesos for the small CINSA frying pan; or + $155 mxn pesos for the medium frying pan or + $200 mxn pesos for the large frying pan.


We noticed a high level of acceptance by all households, with high sales that positioned the brand in the mind of the consumer at the most important time of the day for the Mexican population: Lunch time, since commonly is at this time that all the family gets together.

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