Casillero del Diablo Smart Display Tops: Standing out in the Wine and Spirits Aisle

Casillero del Diablo
Un vino tan especial que es protegido por el šŸ˜ˆ #TheWineLegend
AIM Solution
Experiential Marketing


To highlight Casillero del Diablo products in the supermarket in an innovative and attractive manner.


We designed and installed Smart display tops that feature a LED screen that by playing videos, call the attention of shoppers, and therefore encourage buying, besides creating brand "awareness" by standing out over competitors. Besides the fact that its 3D technology helps us collect analytical and demographic data.


The Brand then stands out from competitors, and thanks to 3D approach cameras and facial recognition technology, we collect analytical data that helps identify customer shopping habits, as well as the flow of people in the aisle where the display is located, so we can apply special marketing techniques by schedule and people-based.

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