José Cuervo® present at the Nascar Chicago Street Race Weekend with their cups made with agave fibers

José Cuervo
With a family tradition of 11 generations, Jose Cuervo produces, markets and distributes in more than 85 countries, a portfolio of more than 30 brands of alcoholic beverages, ready-to-serve cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.
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Jose Cuervo® is the official tequila Partner for the Nascar Chicago Street Race weekend held on July 1 and 2, so it is very important that the use of cups in which he would deliver his drinks were ecological and what better than using his own bagasse to manufacture them. Both Cuervo® and NASCAR are aware that the use of agave cups at sports events can have several ecological benefits and promote sustainability.


We made 32 oz glasses with Polyagave, a bioplastic partially composed of agave fibers, which were used to deliver all kinds of drinks that were prepared at the Cuervo® bar; In this way, it was possible to raise awareness among those attending the NASCAR event about the importance of sustainability and care for the environment, and seeing that a recognized company takes measures to reduce its environmental impact, can encourage a more responsible mentality and similar actions by the participants.


The manufactured cups were very well received, they attracted attention and in some way the participants created awareness in caring for the environment. In summary: this is how the use of cups made with Jose Cuervo® agave in sports events can help reduce waste, promote the circular economy, generate environmental awareness and improve brand image. These initiatives demonstrate how companies can contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future.

"Agave fiber offers a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. By taking advantage of this by-product of tequila production, we can reduce the amount of waste generated and promote a more effective circular economy.

- María Rodríguez, sustainable development investigator.

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