Dispensing Bases for Chocolate Ibarra.

Chocolate Ibarra
It is a 100% Mexican company founded since 1925 dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of Table Chocolate and Chocolate Powder.
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Chocolate Ibarra, es una empresa 100% mexicana fundada desde 1925 y exportando a partir de 1946,  se dedica a la producción, comercialización y distribución de Chocolate para Mesa y Chocolate en Polvo. Así mismo, Chocolate en Polvo Instantáneo, entre otros productos, todos respaldados por la calidad y tradición que los caracteriza

Since for them the order in the displays is of utmost importance because they are convinced that it is a very good strategy to attract the shopper, they contacted us and asked us to prepare a display proposal where the packages of powdered chocolate ChocoChoco will always look comfortable.

For this, we designed and produced dispenser bases that help the product to remain accommodated on the shelf, as well as the space where it is placed stands out with its front border.

This project helped, the packaging remains well arranged, making the product and the area look clean, standing out from the competition. In addition, they reduce re-stock time since it is much easier to count and to fill with the product, so that it is always within reach of the shopper.

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