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Top quality Specialty Coffee

The Cafe Umia's coffee grows in Buesaco, Nariño, in the south of Colombia. This region has unique environmental characteristics that brings sweet flavored coffee beans with special notes.

These beans are hand-picked and processed by experienced farmers with a high level of dedication, resulting in +87 SCAA points single origin specialty coffee.


Specialty Coffee

Our coffee has reached up to 92 SCAA points due to its attributes and uniqueness.

Slow Production

We take quality seriously and that's why our coffee takes longer than usual to produce.


Our harvest is an ancient hand-made process improved for generations.

High Grown

We work at 2.200 meters of altitude which impact the size, shape and taste of the coffee.

Rich in attributes

Nutrients and rich in taste due to its environment.


Buesaco's coffee is constantly recognized as one of the bests in Colombia and the world.

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