July 15, 2021

Why is Omnichannel so important for brands?

What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel is a communication method used to maintain contact with current and future customers, through various channels (physical store, email, social networks, website, among others). Instead of using the different channels separately, they are used in a unified manner to reach consumers.

Nowadays the, consumers no longer use a channel to communicate and have contact with their favorite brands. Some consumers start out by viewing an ad on social media, writing an email, and then attending the physical store. 

In recent years, the omnichannel strategy has become very popular, as a result of the change taking place in the consumer’s behavior and needs. This modern marketing trend is here to stay; therefore, it is important get to know it and apply it in our companies.

In this article, we will explain in detail the qualities of this strategy.

What are the six levels of omnichannel in retail? 

Starting level: the company has a single sales channel, be it a physical store or Commerce.

Basic level: the company has multiple sales channels, but these are not connected with each other.

Intermediate level: all channels share the same commercial policy, but their systems are not integrated.

Advanced level: the company has all the integrated channels available.

Expert level: la empresa no solo dispone de canales integrados que comparten toda la información, sino que ademas es capaz de adquirir un conocimiento  36o grados de todos sus clientes.

Top level: the company anticipates the needs or interests of the client and provides a solution to satisfy them, which translates into a high degree of loyalty.

What is the difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel?

Both omnichannel and multichannel involve selling through various physical and digital channels.

The difference is based on the strategy that is used between the company and the client, but it does not refer to the number of channels that you use as a company to share the message.


The multichannel approach has been in the market for a long time and consists of your brand having a presence in various channels such as: social networks, call centers and physical stores.

Esta tendencia surge con la idea de que la empresa debe de contar  con distintos canales, con el objetivo de llegar rápidamente al prospecto o cliente.


In omnichannel, the interaction between the various channels is very important. The main purpose of this type of strategy is to maintain a long relationship that can be adapted to the environment that best suits the consumer.

La  mercadotecnia omnicanal tiene como objective to improve the consumer experience to bring more and better benefits both to the company and the consumer.

According to the report, "2020 Customer Expectations Report", elaborado por Gladly, "79% of those surveyed preferred personalized attention to specialized marketing." And this inevitably leads to the next standout figure in the report, "86% expect conversations with agents to flow smoothly between channels"; that is, they hope to pick up the conversation where they left it on another channel, without having to repeat the information each time. To do this, tools that empower agents to have immediate access to all relevant customer information that needs support will be crucial.1

In summary, omnichannel consists of unifying all the channels in which your brand is present in order for the customer to perceive the same thing in each of these channels.

How to use omnichannel?

Putting aside the changes in interaction that occur between prospects or clients and your company or brand, the relationship and communication must be unified and the message must always be the same regardless of the communication channel used. 

An example can be when someone buys a product in the electronic store, but the stock is not automatically updated with the existing products in the physical store. This generates a bad experience for the consumer and you can lose some sales.

Omnichannel’s purpose is for the customer to have a good shopping experience, as well as that the communication channels to the customer are consistent with what they want to convey.

What are the benefits of omnichannel?

It is important to be aware that an omnichannel strategy adds several layers to the administration part; however, it generates new insights, action plans, real-time customer information and a good brand-customer relationship, adding value to the product or service.

What benefits does my brand specifically have?

The image of your brand can benefit as long as you are consistent in the message, giving more confidence to the client. On the other hand, by having everything connected showing the same information, you manage to be more flexible in your service or product, gaining a greater positioning and much more prestige in the market.

It is important to emphasize that today's generations seek to be tended to in any of the corresponding channels.

Does Omnichannel give productivity to my brand?

It will help you have greater control of all your areas as well as the purchasing processes and information analysis.

Will omnichannel increase my sales?

If you decide to implement this technique, it will boost your business, since it allows for the joint organization of your communication channels (physical store, electronic commerce, social networks, etc.) and also allows you to catch the attention of your customers and prospects; in this way it becomes a much more efficient strategy.

According to a report by ID retail insights, retailers using multichannel strategies saw a 15-35% increase in average transaction size, along with a 5-10% increase in profitability from loyalty customers.2

How can I collect the information in a faster way?

Following up on consumers will help your business better understand their motive and purchase preferences. This way you can include other techniques.


The fact that your company has an omnichannel strategy is no longer considered only an advantage over the market, but a necessity.

Omnichannel strategy involves a lot of organization, since all areas of the company must work simultaneously to get positive results.

If you apply omnichannel in a good manner, your customers will have a great experience that will also help improve their communication with your company. This will help increase your sales and customers to frequent you and remain for a long time.


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