Activation at Coca-Cola Millennium Channel: Protective screens and sanitizer dispensers

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To implement protective measures against Covid-19 at the Traditional/Millennium Channel in a better way, with functional features, both for shoppers and store owners.


By teaming with Coca-Cola, we managed to design and manufacture Protective Screens and Sanitizing Gel Dispensers to protect both retailers and their customers so they can operate and be protected against COVID-19.

Protective Screens, besides being made of lasting materials, have a lamp for detecting fake currency, as to help retailers against fraud. The sanitizer dispenser is ideal for placing at the store entrance, therefore offering means of protection.


Coca-Cola offers retailers means of protection during the pandemic so as to avoid closing their business and so customers feel safe as they shop in the stores. The acceptance of protective screens and dispensers was very positive on the part of retailers because of their double purpose, and has been adopted by many other companies in different fields, for the same reason.

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