Coca-Cola Reusable Ecological Bags: a promotional product pro-environment.

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Find a promotional item that is useful, with low cost and a high perceived value for shoppers, to give it as a gift with the purchase of a 235ml can 8pack of Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola light.


We designed and produced a reusable nonwoven bag with an exclusive Coca-Cola design, white bag with two color handle options: red or white. With flexography printing on both sides, which is a type of economic printing in long runs as in this production. The bag has a large capacity which is useful for all the people who go to the supermarket and do their shopping, thus avoiding the use of plastic bags, since it is very resistant and reusable.


By offering this promotional item together with a multipack of 8 cans of 235ml of original Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola light, the sales of these SKU's increased, since it is a useful item for anyone, for the environment since it avoids use plastic bags that are discarded after use. And for this reason of being a reusable item, the brand continues to be in the minds of shoppers every time they use it.

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