Coca-Cola Present in the Modern Sales Channel with Exhibits that are Custom-Made for this Venue.

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To have a presence in the various areas of convenience shops with modern, functional and high-capacity point-of-sale exhibits, in order to keep up with the high demand of Coca-Cola products in this channel.


We designed and manufactured different types of metal exhibits: multi-category exhibits, exhibits featuring a scale, tortilla exhibits, and small and large flexible exhibits, all within the same design style. These exhibits are functional for the shop, the shoppers, and the Coca-Cola personnel stocking the product. Considering this, they are equipped with weight resistant wheels that make them easy to relocate anywhere along the store, have a large capacity and it is easy to place the products in them. They are made of a combination of materials that make them both attractive and modern (metal, MDF, wood-like laminate, all with a premium finish). A scale was attached to the exhibit in the produce area for shoppers to use, and a cooler-style container was placed in the bakery exhibit to keep hot tortillas handy.


The exhibits improve both the accessibility and availability of the product in the shop, help shoppers not to walk unnecessary distances. They boost impulse buying by making the product “handier”. The shop benefits from the practicality of the exhibit towards the shopper and helps improve its image because of its modern and uniform design.

Exhibidor con Báscula
Exhibidor Flexible Grande
Exhibidor Flexible Chico
Exhibidor Multicategorías
Exhibidor Tortillero

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