CBC 4.0: Coca-Cola creates an attractive integral space available to everyone

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What is a CBC? Complementary Business Center:

Concentration of clients of different walks of life, which allows for the generation of a complementary deal.

What are the advantages of CBC?

- Closeness to the Community
- Personalized treatment
- Very fresh products
- Offering services in one single place
- Loyalty towards clients
- Attracting new clients


To support the community and at the same time draw more attention from customers by means of a safe, creative and functional space.


We designed a unified image for each business that are part of the Complementary Business Center, using materials such as natural wood that go along with the current decoration trends.


A space with a unified design was created, making it more attractive to the consumer, where different services are offered covering each different need, bringing the Coca-Cola brand closer to its consumers.

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