Launch of the new San Rafael Vegetarian Chorizo using a very effective sales tool: Coolios

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Make an effective activation for the launch of the new San Rafael Vegetarian Chorizo from Sigma Alimentos, attractive, functional and that can be used in any area of the supermarket.


We designed and produced Coolios (cardboard refrigerator that cools) printed with the new campaign for the launch of San Rafael vegetarian chorizo. The Coolios allow us to place ourselves in different areas of the supermarket and not only be anchored in the refrigerator area, in this way it is possible to be placed next to the egg shelves or at the beginning of the bread and tortilla aisle or any product that can be combined with the chorizo to create a cross-sell.


The Coolios were placed in different points of the supermarket in order to have a presence in unusual areas such as: bakery and tortilla shop, egg aisle, bread aisle, etc. Helping to have more impulse sales and cross-selling with products that could be combined to prepare food. In this way, the launch of the new product was a complete success since it helped to be present in the minds of shoppers when walking through the supermarket.

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