Coolios Danone: promoting the Danette brand in a Modern Channel

Grupo Danone se especializa en productos lácteos como el yoghurt y en bebidas como agua embotellada, cuya variedad y calidad han hecho la diferencia en la alimentación de toda la familia.
AIM Solution
Innovative Displays


To offer a unique and different display solution with a plus: cooling Danette products and having a presence away from the traditional refrigerator area.


Our Coolio displays (premium cardboard cooling display) is the factor that allowed Danette to get away from conventional refrigerators and thus have a presence in any area of the supermarket, always being visible and within the reach of buyers. We use various models of Coolios: traditional, checkout and dumpbin, with an image of Danette in their chocolate and vanilla flavor presentations.


We placed Danette away from the refrigerator area with a presence in key spots of the supermarket, always within reach of buyers without having to stroll to the refrigerator area. At the same time, in an original and unique way, the products are displayed in a premium cardboard cooling display.

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