Infinite Posibilities with Coolios OpenTop for Philadelphia

Mondelēz International, Inc. is a United States multinational conglomerate dedicated to the confectionery, food and beverage industries.
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Innovative Displays


Find a disruptive way for the "Philadelphia" brand to break out of conventional refrigerators and be present in different areas within the supermarket to encourage impulse sales.


We designed and produced "OpenTop" model Freshboards (cooling cardboard displays) to be placed in different strategic areas within supermarkets. This freshboard model, in addition to having enough space for stock, acts as a traffic breaker since it can be placed in the aisles and helps encourage impulse sales, being close to other products with which "Philadelphia" cream cheese can be combined.


"Philadelphia" cream cheese continues to position itself as the best cream cheese brand by being more within reach of the shopper in strategic areas within the self-service, encouraging sales and also helping with combination ideas with other products that are nearby, emphasizing its motto: "Infinite Possibilities with P for Philadelphia."

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