TLEM little cups: The new way to drink Mezcal

The Lost Explorer Mezcal
The Lost Explorer es un mezcal artesanal hecho en Oaxaca. Celebramos la tierra y elevamos el alma para vivir con curiosidad. Únete a este viaje.
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To introduce a cup to drink mezcal that agrees with the philosophy of The Lost Explorer Mezcal, complements its design and is environment-friendly.


We designed and manufactured a "small cup" with a 2 oz. capacity, in three different colors, with a design that goes hand in hand with TLEM itself. We used post industrial waste (agave bagasse) to manufacture them, thereby reducing the amount of plastic that is normally used, offering the same performance while helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the products, and that of the companies that use them.


A custom-made promo for The Lost Explorer Mezcal was delivered. Functional, with high value added, and with a minimalistic design that goes hand in hand with the TLEM image and increases brand awareness as well as brand loyalty.

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