Cristal Purified Water: "Your Home with Tupperware® Promotion"

Cristal Agua Purificada
Fundada hace 60 años, Agua Purificada Cristal es una de las bebidas embotelladas por Bepensa, embotellador autorizado de Coca-Cola Company.
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To develop an attractive promotion in the Home Channel by offering a distinct and high value-added promotional item to all Mexican houses, to help reactivate the economy in that channel.

Background: 1) Consumer promotions increase brand loyalty. 2) Air-tight containers are very well perceived by the consumers, since they are frequent use items. 3) The Tupperware® brand is recognized as being of the highest quality and cost.


A B2B promotion was developed with the leading kitchen brand Tupperware®. Offering a FreezeSmart freezer container that is obtained by exchanging 3 caps of water carafe + $ (symbolic). The exchange is made with the Cristal water distributor directly.


Nowadays it is a very successful promotion, reaching thousands of households, and helping to reactivate the Home Channel economy and increasing brand loyalty.

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