Coca-Cola buckets: an ideal hook item for the Home Channel

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The home channel is a very important distribution channel for Coca-Cola since there’s a direct contact with the shopper, and it is also ideal for activating exclusive promotions in different areas.


To offer a promotional item that is useful in homes and that helps us to close the sale, offered it as a package when buying a certain product from the Coca-Cola family.


We activated a promotion with a hook item that is essential in Mexican homes: a large-capacity bucket, which was obtained by buying three or more familiar products from the Coca-Cola family.


This promotion helped to increase the sales of family packages since promotional buckets are a product that is always used at home, in addition to helping in the practicality of delivering the promotion by the Coca-Cola delivery team, in the bucket they put the containers and thus it was easier to load them.

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