Grupo Tarahumara fine fruit fisplay

Grupo Tarahumara
Grupo Tarahumara es la comercializadora de frutas y verduras finas líder en México.
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Design a display for the entrance of the store in the Supplies Central where boxes with fine seasonal fruits are displayed to be within reach of the shopper in the first position.


We designed and produced a display with great capacity and load support to display the boxes of fine seasonal fruit at the entrance of the store. With inclined trays so the product can be seen and it is easy to take the fruit, tires for easy handling and to be able to move inside and outside the store. It's made from square tubing and sheet metal, strong yet lightweight materials, so the display is durable, easy to handle, and eye-catching.


The exhibitor, being at the entrance of the store or in the corridor of the supply central, exposes the fine seasonal fruit and attracts customers. Being easy to handle, it can be placed anywhere in the store, putting the product within reach of the shopper, letting him know which fruits are in season.

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