Floor display for Del Valle Frut activated in Traditional Channel

Del Valle
Del Valle is a Mexican brand with more than 70 years that gives the goodness of fruit juice through its juices, nectars, pulp drinks and soft drinks.
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Design a floor display with sufficient capacity, attractive and functional design to promote the Del Valle Frut brand in first position in the Traditional Channel.


We design and manufacture metal floor displays with attractive design and sufficient capacity for the different Del Valle Frut SKUs. With resistant materials such as square tube, metal sheet and wire, they give it enough firmness to support the capacity and have enough life at the point of sale but at the same time it is light and easy to transport to place it in different strategic points within the stores. stores. It has side arts simulating wood to give it a more premium touch and front rails for interchangeable borders. Its 4 levels allow you to place different capacities of Del Valle Frut bottles.


Being a display with an attractive, compact design but at the same time with sufficient capacity space makes it ideal for the Traditional Channel. This allowed it to be placed at strategic points within the store: at the entrances, next to the counter, etc. and thus impulse sales of these SKUs increased, since they are within reach of all shoppers.

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