Exhibidor de Mostrador metálico para tiendas especializadas en ferretería

Mapei is today one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction chemicals.
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To have a display in the counter areas of stores that specialize in the construction industry, which will increase brand awareness and boost impulse sales.


We designed and manufactured a counter display made of metal, which is resistant, durable and lightweight. It has the capacity to show the variety of silicones and adhesives that the brand offers. The custom-made counter display is easy to place on any counter and, due to its size, it does not get in the way or take up space for customer service.


With a counter display of this size, the MAPEI brand remains present in the counter area in stores, promoting impulse sales and remaining present in the minds of consumers. Its quality is ideal for high-traffic areas, maintaining its durability and brand image.

If you want to know more about our innovative displays, visit our section HERE.

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