Custom-made displays for Grupo Tarahumara and Alitara: Food with Tarahumara quality

Grupo Tarahumara
Tarahumara group is the leading marketer of fine fruits and vegetables in Mexico.
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Innovative Displays


Design and produce displays that are in accordance with the high standards of the Alitara brand, which are Tarahumara quality products, which will be placed in different sections of the Grupo Tarahumara store in the Abastos market.


We designed and produced a series of displays for both Grupo Tarahumara and Alitara, with enough rigidity to carry the necessary weight as well as fine materials that go according to the brand. We use metal materials such as tubes, sheets and rods for displays that need to carry weight and be sufficiently strong, as well as finer materials such as MDF with plastic laminate and acrylic graphics for Alitara displays that will not carry as much weight but have to look very premium.


The exhibitors show the quality that the brand needs, since Alitara offers fine products such as honey, Mexican coffee and healthy chips. They are tailored to the place where they will be displayed and the product they will carry. Showing the high quality of materials that we handle and the resistance necessary to make them durable.

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