Qualtia helping the planet with an ecological airtight container for its Zwan ham.

Empresa que fabrica, distribuye y comercializa alimentos refrigerados de calidad y accesibles al mercado mexicano.
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Create a premium product that is consistent with the values of the brand and its new “Zwan-friendly” packaging that uses less plastic.


What better way to be ever present in the home than in the kitchen; for this reason, we designed and manufactured a special ecological airtight container for Mexican families to keep their Zwan ham in their fridge. Made partially with natural agave fibers, replacing part of the plastic, without affecting its properties.


Cada día más empresas prefieren invertir en empaques y productos ecológicos, valorados por cada vez más familias mexicanas conscientes en cuidar a nuestro planeta.

Zwan launched a new packing made with 50% less plastic and a bio-based air-tight container, thus reducing the use of oil-base and avoiding the CO2 emissions released to the environment.
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