Coolio Island for the launch of new Oscar Mayer Sausages

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Make an activation for the launch of its new line of sausages OSCAR MAYER: Vienna sausages and turkey sausages. Make it attractive to shoppers but above all make it functional and out of the ordinary.


We designed, developed and produced a Coolio Island which includes a Freshboard (cardboard refrigerator that cools) and a metal display next to it in which we can cross-sell products that combine with the new line of Oscar Mayer sausages, in this case the display case has space for: eggs, bread, tortillas and HEINZ products such as mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. Ideal ingredients to combine with sausages and prepare delicious breakfasts.


The island is fully functional and practical, which helped to innovatively introduce the new line of sausages. In addition, thanks to its Coolio + Display design, it helped increase sales of the products that were exhibited there, helping shoppers to find products that go hand in hand with sausages to prepare breakfast or other dishes.

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