Coolio San Rafael island: an ideal activation to promote the Chorizos San Rafael product line

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Hacer una activación que llame mucho la atención del cliente  para promover la línea de Chorizos San Rafael en los supermercados y hacer que los shoppers compren los productos al mostrarles ideas  de combinaciones  para sus platillos.


We designed and produced some islands with great capacity combining Coolios (cardboard refrigerator that cools) with a metal display for non refrigerated products and in this way, show ideas of how delicious dishes can be prepared with the line of San Rafael sausages, all this on a metal base that increases its height and makes the island stand out even more.


The island was placed in the access aisles, a strategic point within the supermarkets, making San Rafael products an easily accessible product for shoppers, avoiding them having to go through the supermarket and go to the refrigerator section or delicatessen, leaving the brand in the "top of mind" of consumers, both for its product quality and its attractive activation.

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