Isla Oscar Mayer + Heinz: the perfect combination for the football season.

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Carry out an activation with OSCAR MAYER products that go according to the season of American football games and the preparation of typical foods of that season.


We designed, developed, and produced an island in conjunction with the HEINZ brand, making the best combination of products to prepare hot dogs, since it is a food that is consumed a lot this season. The island consists of a Coolio (cardboard refrigerator that cools) to build an island where we combine cold products from OSCAR MAYER, a metal display with HEINZ products (such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard), a floor graphic that delimits the area, striking arts that unite the display with the Coolio and thus form the Island that is placed in the main aisles of the supermarket. Additionally, a half-night bread brand was placed on the display so that the shopper has all the ingredients to prepare their food.


The island attracts a lot of attention due to its striking design, the area in the store where it is placed and the perfect combination of products that are offered to prepare food. Sales of OSCAR MAYER hot dog sausages and HEINZ ketchup and mayonnaise increased, in addition to helping the shopper not to travel to various points in the store, since at that point they find everything they need for their preparation.

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