Tequila Código 1530: promotionals made partially with agave fibers.

Tequila Código 1530
Código 1530 is the most selective tequila in the world that uses only perfect ingredients and secret ancient family processes.
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Promotional items


Tequila Código 1530 is a very selective tequila for which it sought to offer promotional products that go according to the brand and all its consumers around the world, useful items when tasting tequila and that are eco friendly.


From our ecoware® line, we offered several promotional products that are ideal for tequila tasting: 12oz cups, tequila shots and shakers made with our Polyagave, which is a biobased plastic made partially with agave fibers, in this case with agave bagasse from Código 1530 that comes directly from their factories. These promotional items are branded with the Código 1530 logo. In addition to these promotional items, agave straws from our friends at PENKA® were also offered.


The promotional items were very well received by both the brand and its consumers, being offered as part of its online store internationally alongside other items that go hand in hand with tequila. His posts on social networks showing how to use them accompanied by the bottles were very well received, with very positive comments. In this way Tequila Code 1530 is positioned as a brand in favor of the environment, using its waste as raw material for these promotions and reducing the amount of plastic and the carbon footprint on the planet.

Tal fue el éxito de este proyecto que ha sido publicado en la revista digital: Plastics Technology México, los cuales son "Fuente de información líder para la industria del plástico".

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