Quick Display Costa Coffee: an ideal element for an activation in Modern Channel.

Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee es la cadena de cafeterías de más rápido crecimiento en el mundo y amada por su sabor naturalmente dulce, suave y distintivo.
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Innovative Displays


Carry out an activation at the point of sale and publicize the new Costa Coffee, having a display that is easy to place and with sufficient product stock.


We designed and produced a display called "Quick Display" which is ideal for activations since it is very easy to transport and assemble at the point of sale. In addition, it has a large capacity to place products from both Costa Coffee and Santa Clara.


The activation was a success since, due to the ease of assembly and transportability of the quick display, it could be placed in several points of the store to be in view of the shoppers and with the ease of taking the product, in addition to the fact that the promoters were able to improve their job.

Video ejemplo de armado del Quick Display

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