Bio shakers for Baileys Shakeado Corajillo made with agave fibers.

Authentic Corajillo
100% Mexican company that revolutionized the way to prepare Carajillo.
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Authentic Corajillo is a brand that has grown exponentially, thanks to its delicious and easy-to-prepare product. Its most recent drink, Baileys Shakeado Corajillo, uses a plastic Shaker which is thrown away when finished. The challenge was to find a way to reduce the amount of plastic used, without affecting the properties of the Shaker, and do our part to help the environment.


We convert your Shaker, used in your Baileys Shakeado Corajillo drink, into a BIO product, replacing a percentage of the polypropylene with agave fibers (polyagave). By using agave, we support an industry that generates more than 1 million tons of bagasse per year, an agro-industrial by-product.


With this action of reducing the amount of plastic in Baileys Shakeado Corajillo shakers, hand in hand with Auténtico Corajillo, we help the planet in several ways: we reduce the planet's carbon footprint and CO² emissions, we reduce the consumption of polymers of oil, agave biomass is reused, and we avoid waste. In addition, this helps Auténtico Corajillo to position itself as a responsible company with the environment and its consumers.

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