Squeezers Pocari Sweat: a promotional item that enhances brand activations.

Pocari Sweat
POCARI SWEAT es una bebida isotónica de origen japonés con la combinación perfecta de iones y agua que el cuerpo necesita para las actividades diarias.
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Pocari Sweat is an isotonic drink of Japanese origin that replenishes the ions and liquids that we lose doing our daily activities. As part of their many activations, they offer gifts to their customers, for which they needed a promotional item promotional item adhoc to the brand, useful and attractive for their shoppers.


Taking inspiration from the design of the original squeezer that is imported from abroad, we designed, developed and produced a plastic squeezer with a capacity of 1L, with an ergonomic design, an engraved logo on one side and a 1-ink printed logo on the other side. All this with the idea of making a national production, under the same quality standards but at a lower price.


We did an initial production of 10,000 pieces for activations this year, we managed to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and price. The squeezer was very well accepted by all the participants in the activations and helped to achieve sales, since it is a striking and useful promotional item for everyone.

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