3.5oz Tasting Cups made partially with agave: helping the planet in each brand activation

Pernod Ricard
Pernod Ricard is a convivial, responsible and successful global wine and spirits group.
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Pernod Ricard, one of the great global leaders in wine and spirits, had the need to be as eco-friendly as possible, mainly in the various tasting activations they carry out. Due to the type of glasses they normally use in their tastings, which almost 100% are thrown away, they did not exactly help the environment, which is why they required a change in the material of those glasses for a more ecological one. Pernod Ricard is aware that the use of glasses made with agave in these types of events can have several ecological advantages and promote sustainability.


We manufacture 3.5 oz tasting cups made partially with agave fibers, resistant, reusable and printed in ink with the legend "Here's a taste with less waste" and different logos of recognized brands, such as: Martell, ChivasRegal, Tequila Code 1530, among others, which are used to give tastings of drinks from these and more brands involved in the activations; This way we can raise awareness among event attendees about the importance of sustainability and caring for the environment, promoting a more responsible mentality and similar actions on the part of participants.


The manufactured cups were very well received, they attract attention and in some way the attendees raise awareness about caring for the environment. Being an eco-friendly, durable, reusable and aesthetically pleasing product, it can help reduce waste, promote the circular economy, generate environmental awareness and improve brand image. These initiatives demonstrate how companies can contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future.

"Agave fiber offers a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. By taking advantage of this by-product of tequila production, we can reduce the amount of waste generated and promote a more effective circular economy.

- María Rodríguez, sustainable development investigator.

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