Maseca Tortilla Holders: the promotional item that’s always present at mealtime.

Maseca is our leading global brand of corn flour, which in addition to having managed to bring the flavor of Mexico to the whole world through the tortilla, is a major player in the corn grits market in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. East.
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Corn tortillas are a very important part of the diet of all Mexican households, they are always present on the table, which is why Maseca needed to offer a very useful promotional item that goes hand in hand with the brand. be accepted in all homes in Mexico and mainly be present in the main occasion of consumption, the meal with the family.


We manufacture plastic tortilla holders, of an ideal size so that it can be placed on the table and does not take too much space, with the logo printed on both the lid and the base that help the Maseca brand to always be present. The tortilla holders are made of polypropylene, which is a light, resistant plastic material that is suitable for keeping the tortillas warm.


The tortilla holders, being an almost essential promotional itel at mealtime, were widely accepted by all Mexican homes. It is always present at the table, helping Maseca to remain in the minds of its consumers as long as they are sitting at the table and eating.

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