Olympic Games Coca-Cola cup: glorifying the promotional item in a showy manner

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To create a promotional item to go together with the glorifier to make it very eye-catching on occasion of the Olympic Games.


On occasion of the Olympic Games and Coca-Cola being the official sponsor of the event, we designed several promotional items for the brand, the rigid acrylic cup with a 16 oz. capacity being one of the most successful of them. We needed to promote it in the store, so we developed a cardboard glorifier where the instruction on how to obtain it was communicated, as well as displaying the promotional item together with the Coca-Cola brand product.


The rigid acrylic cup was one of the most successful promotional items at the point of sale and together with the eye-catching glorifier it really stood out at the store entrance. In addition, a QR code was printed on the glorifier with which the shopper using a cell phone, could have access to a satisfaction survey.

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