January 17, 2021

What is a POP Display? Know the Importance of Properly Displaying your Products at the Point of Sale.

It is increasingly difficult for our brands to be noticed at the point of sale. point of sale. There is so much competition and traditional shelves no longer guarantee positive results. Today, either you draw attention to the point of sale or you die trying.

Faced with this situation, it is vital to place our products with in the reach of the Shopper, después de haber analizado sus habits moment of buying, and knowing their shopping rounds (Shopper Journey).

The POP Displays (Point Of Purchase /Point of Sale) Displays allow not only for accommodating the products, in whatever way we think is most convenient, but also in different areas of the store that range from the counter to the aisles, allowing our products to stand out.

Additionally, POP Displays promote interaction with the Shopper, making for a more personalized shopping experience, since it sends a specific message that the product meets a need and the person can see it, touch it and sometimes try it.

By using POP Displays the empty spaces at the point of sale are made more profitable, since spaces are used where gondolas do not reach.

An interesting practice is to place our displays next to complementary products from the same buying time (ej: a cardboard cooling POP Display (Coolio) for milk next to the cereal shelf).

It is important to work as a team with the designer and manufacturer, who can show us various creative design ideas, structure and materials that adapt to our specific needs and allow us to develop exhibitors that increase our brand presence to marca and therefore our sales.

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