Cardboard floor displays for Modern Channel, light and resistant.

Mexican company in charge of creating products for personal care and family hygiene 💙
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Increase visibility in self-service stores of personal care products, such as PACIFICA brand body fragrances and body washes, with a display that stands out from conventional shelves, attracts customers looking for new effective options for skin care, and promotes impulse sales.


We design and manufacture a line of printed corrugated cardboard floor displays with three and four shelves. This material is not only strong and durable, but also lightweight and easy to assemble.
The displays allow the brand's range of products to be displayed in an attractive way, capturing the attention of customers looking for innovative and effective products for their skin care. Its outstanding and colorful design makes it stand out, moving away from the monotony of traditional shelves.


With this line of three- and four-level displays, the brand has achieved a notable presence in self-service stores. Products stand out immediately, making them easy to discover and promoting their sale. Customers are attracted to the organized and accessible presentation, reinforcing brand recognition. The features of the displays ensure that it maintains its integrity and visual appeal.

To learn more about our creative process that leads us to create these projects, visit our section CREATIVE STRATEGY.

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