March 15, 2021

The 10 Types of Shoppers at the Point of Sale.

In this article, we will talk about the different types of Shopper that you can find at the point of sale.

1. The Well-Informed

These people read all the information on the product, tablas nutricionales, ingredientes, etc. Ellos(as) suelen comparar precios con productos de la competencia. Al entrar a la tienda conocen previamente toda la información a detalle sobre el product they are going to buy.

According to Nielsen, mobile devices are indispensable companions for comparing prices (53%), searching for product information (52%), searching for coupons or deals (44%), making better purchasing decisions (42%), making the shopping trips faster or more efficient (41%) and buying products (38%).”1

2. The Showrooming Costumer

Tries or verifies the product in person; however, they prefer to buy it online if there is a better price. You can easily detect them at the point of sale when they compare competitive prices with applications on internet sites.

 “25% of online shoppers state that they have bought through this channel to take advantage of a bargain”.2

3. The Window Shopper.

They enter the store without having previously planned a primary purchase; they simply entered because they are biding time or something caught their attention.

4. The Sure buyer.

They are clear about what they are going to buy; thereforethey get in and out of the store as quickly as possible.

5. The Indecisive.

They are not clear about what they are going to buy or are confused by all the information that the market provides today.

6. The Bargain Hunter.

They look for good prices, ofertas, descuentos, rebajas; incluso están dispuestos a seguir buscando hasta encontrar el mejor precio. Ellos no tienen loyalty whit the recognition.

7. The Talker

They like to tell stories a lot, which becomes dangerous, since you can miss a good Shopper just for keeping the conversation going.

According to a recent IDC study of 24,000 consumers in 12 countries, after having a positive customer service experience, 25% of users are encouraged to leave an opinion poll and 18% renew their products and services with the same company”.3

8. The Frequent Buyer

They always go to the store. They know where each product is located and they even know the names of the employees. They are very loyal.

9. Socially Conscious Buyers.

Most of them are young people with great purchasing power, aware of the environment, they like animals a lot and they are consumers to products organic.

"According to data from the 2020 Global Consumer Study, an average of 70 percent of people pay an additional 35 percent for recycled or green products."4 

10. Brand Lovers.

They are characterized by being men and women with great purchasing power, they do not mind investing more to be able to wear prestigious brands They are loyal consumers.


The importance of knowing, understanding and being familiar with the different types of Shoppers that interact with your brand is crucial, since it will make ways for you to develop better strategies and generate new techniques to be able to engage with your shopper at the point of sale and increase their loyalty. 

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