October 15, 2020

What is POP Material? Know the Importance of Using it at the Point of Sale.

POP Material is understood as POP (Point of Purchase /Point of Sale) a category of Marketing that covers different advertising dynamics developed at the point of sale.

The Material POP aims at generating of the shopper a predominant image marca, through color, arrangement, as well as to make it easier for the shopper to come near the product.

We can classify POP Material as follows:

a) Graphics: They are those that include posters, ads in shelves, floor minders, publicity on carts, among others.

b) Exhibitors: Made with different materials and designed for different points of contact, their purpose is exhibiting and making publicity economic and decisive.

An attractive display cabinet, sends a message of your product to shoppers.

c) Digital: screens at the point of sale, touch-screens and other digital devices.

"According to Storecheck data, 44% of shoppers direct their gaze towards headers, another 42% towards gondolas, and 10% towards stoppers or hangers on the shelf""

With these numbers, we establish the importance of POP material, not only within a department and category, but in an additional exhibition as well.

"According to the BTL Research Department, of the total invested in 2017, 4.1% went to the creation and application of POP material at the point of sale"1

One of the main challenges of POP material POP material at the point of sale in the supermarket aisles is to highlight the promotions and discounts that the products you are advertising offer.

Thanks to technology, nowadays we can find POP material , for example, in QR codes. Through this digital medium we can easily access a landing page or a microsite where the necessary information will be displayed that will help get to know the product or service in a practical and efficient manner.

The use of POP Material will continue to be very efficient if it manages to highlight shopper a predominant image marca and thus grab their attention at the point of sale.

1.Serrano, Lizeth.


2.Mathias, Leticia.


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