June 10, 2020

10 mistakes you are making when displaying your products at the point of sale

The use of POP Material and Point of Sale Displays is one of the most effective marketing tools at the point of sale.

In many cases, the difficult thing is to find the right point of sale for our Exhibit to fulfill its purpose and so we can increase our sales.

In this article, we will talk about the 10 most common mistakes you can make when displaying your products at the point of sale.

Mistake # 1: Placing our product next to the wrong kind of product.

Would you buy some chocolates that are placed next to the alcohol beverages?

Your chocolates, seen next to an alcohol-based product, not only does not encourage the purchase but it can cause the shopper to move away from our display and look for a product from our competitors.

For this reason, we must carefully analyze where we want to place our products.

Mistake # 2: Poor (or non-existent) POP material.

The POP Material has the purpose of attracting the attention of Shoppers so that, when they stroll by the different aisles of the store, they stop and get to know the product on the display or shelf that attracted them ; in this way, they become potential consumers of the product.

On the other hand, it is also useful to inform our target about a special deal, as well as any other initiative that encourages the purchase.

Mistake # 3: Placing the product on a counter away from its proper category.

It is important to mention that the way in which the products are located at the point of sale is not a mere coincidence behind all this. There is a well-planned merchandising strategy; therefore, it is very common that in a supermarket we find soft drinks next to snacks.

What you’re going for is to maximize the profitability of the sale product, according to the type of store and the target. If you place the product in any free and dirty space, it will have a negative impact on sales and your brand image.

Mistake # 4: Not emphasizing Promotions.

Another very common mistake happens when we forget to emphasize the promotions that we have in stock and our clients do not find out about the deals that we have at their disposal.

This is a mistake, since if an offer goes unnoticed to our clients, it is as if it did not exist. So that this does not happen, it is important to work the signboards very well at the point of sale.

Mistake # 5 Careless in assembly..

Another factor that greatly affects the success of the exhibition is the assembly or visual communication, which you transmit through it to the buyers so that they can understand the main value as well as the good qualities of the product go unnoticed.

"At the Point of Sale, of all shoppers' sight fixation, 13% is directed toward POP materials." 

Mistake # 6: Saturation.

For the customer to locate the product, it is not necessary to oversaturate, since if we saturate the shelf, we can make the product go unnoticed.

Mistake # 7: Not taking advantage of cross-selling.

When we manage to attract our future clients, it is the ideal time to take advantage of their attention and offer them something that adds to their purchase, either with a deal or simply by letting him them know the advantages that the additional product will give them.

Mistake # 8: Not believing in technology.

the technology at the point of sale a means and not an end; This is why it is necessary to analyze how technology can help us.

Over time, various tools have emerged that help us monitor and manage our points of sale.

Don't be afraid of technology and invest in some that makes the process easier for you.

Mistake # 9: More is not Better.

the POP Strategy is ideal for attracting consumers; however, this does not mean that we should take the liberty to create a lot of POP materials.

“86% of purchase decisions are made at the store. For some categories, the shopper shopper already comes with planned purchases, but prefers to decide on the shelf which brand he’s going to choose. "  1

Mistake # 10: Not knowing which areas of your business are the busiest.

If your business has several points of sale, you can use them to find out which areas are the busiest, which items attract consumers the most, or which are not selling as much because your point of sale may not be working.


Using displays and POP material to exhibit your products at the point of sale is a very attractive strategy to generate curiosity, as well as to create great experiences between your brand and the main consumers.

It is important that you prevent those that were presented previously so that your campaign has a greater impact and your brand stands out much more.


1. http://mctree.com.mx

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